Use Autodesk's advanced design software to design buildings, infrastructure, products, entertainment and more. Autodesk is probably best known for its computer-aided design (CAD) software, AutoCAD.

See Autodesk donation program for details about the products offered through TechSoup.

Is it for my organization?

Autodesk software requires that you have a high degree of design experience. Organizations that designs products, buildings, infrastructure or entertainment can use this software if someone in the organization has the technical skills, the products require. Autodesk software can also be useful for organizations that offer training or courses in this type of software.

  • Autodesk education resources

    Autodesk offers the following for those who want to learn their software better to know:

  • Build Change designer houses and schools that can withstand disasters in the nations under construction and educate construction workers, homeowners, engineers and government officials on how to build them.

  • e-nable is a volunteer-led collaboration that develops, manufactures and distributes affordable 3D prontede prostheses for people who need them.

  • Evidence Action designer ensure drinking water containers to developing countries.

  • Guna Foundation reconstructs dynamic 3D spiritual environment to practice and preserve Tibetan Buddhism.

  • REAL School Gardens creates learning gardens in low-income schools in Texas and educate teachers in how the burger them to improve student engagement and academic skills.

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